Virunga - the heart of Africa

For some people, Uganda may be just one of two hundred countries of the world. Not for us. For us, it means home, family and love of our lives. And we are pleased to bring you the best this heart of Africa has to offer. To let you taste fresh exotic fruits, veggies, cocoa, coffee or spices and take you to our tropical paradise. And who knows, you may fall in love as we have.

All our products are free of chemicals, preservatives and added sugar. We make sure that the fruits are perfectly ripe and taste exactly the same as in Africa..

Our products are not perfect on the first sight. But they are authentic, sweet smelling and incredibly tasty. We pick them out ourselves so we can guarantee the best possible quality.

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Shopping at our African markets is not only about leaving with a box of the best products but also about doing a good thing. That is because we support small farmers and communities in less developed parts of Uganda. We buy their products for fair prices which helps them reach better life conditions and protect their nature.

But we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you. Our customers. Thanks to you, our farmers can afford to send their children to school, ensure better healthcare for their families and live a little easier life.

And why are we named Virunga? We found the inspiration where we feel the best. Virunga is a national park in the heart of Africa, on the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. The part of the world where majestic volcanoes snooze, rainforests are home for gorgeous gorillas and trees offer all the wonderful fruits…

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